Phi Drive and Arquimea present their second year reporting

Last week was very dense for the Pre2Pos partners. The complete reporting for the second year of project has finally been submitted, along with three important deliverables .

The submission of the deliverables is an important step for every H2020 project. It marks the end of one or more work packages. Therefore finalizes the efforts of the participants to meet their technical and commercial goals. Success is not guaranteed, especially when so much research and development is needed, as in P2P project.

And yet we are happy to announce that, despite many difficulties and step backs, our expectations have been satisfied. Phi Drive managed to overcome its lack of know-how in the space field with its R&D oriented approach, and the invaluable experience of Arquimea, managing to create two drives that successfully survived their environmental test campaign for space qualification .

In the meanwhile the team also worked on suitable driving electronics, surpassing the initial goals of the project. This marked the end of the second work package of the project, which was oriented on the core mechanisms of the actuators.

As Phi Drive tested and industrialized AG-LT and AG-HT, Arquimea was already designing the gimbals for the final actuators, giving a purpose to Phi Drive motors and empowering them with sensors and additional protections from the hostile space environment.

Soon enough, Phi Drive motors will find their suitable “new home” in Arquimea gimbals.