Second year of Pre2Pos project comes to an end

Pre2Pos is now at a very important turning point. With AG-LT and AG-HT undergoing final qualification by Phi Drive and the actuators being assembled by Arquimea, the final phase of this massive endeavor is finally starting.


Pre2Pos project began with the vision of Nicola L. Cau, Phi Drive CEO, for a space actuator using piezoelectric technology. AG-HT was little more than a blueprint in those days, and AG-LT had still to prove its worth. And yet, with the effort of Phi Drive cohesive team and the experience of Arquimea, AG-HT and AG-LT are now realities.


The 24th of October saw the Second Year Meeting of Pre2Pos project. Arquimea engineers met at Phi Drive facility in Vimercate for a final exchange before the assembly of final actuators could begin. The will of both developing teams to meet the end of the project with a technical and commercial success is stronger than ever, and soon the EU reviewers will be presented with the important progresses that have been obtained in this year of hard work.


More news will follow in the forthcoming period, with the drives final datasheets and environmental qualification results being presented to the public and customers. Don’t forget to follow us on Phi Drive twitter account to receive updates on Pre2Pos project.