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Phi Drive s.r.l. is a technology-driven micro-enterprise founded in 2013 by Nicola Lussorio Cau, encompassing the mission to exploit their innovative ideas in actuators and mechanism design. Phi Drive develops and commercializes innovative drives from patented mechanical designs, exploiting a plurality of implementing principles. Phi Drive team realizes precise, miniaturized, producible low cost positioners, able to keep the position when unpowered. The Phi Drive mechanisms can be powered by piezoelectric actuators, compressed air, solenoids or shape memory alloys (SMA).

The technical skills and creativity of Phi Drive have been awarded in 2013 with the “Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione” (National Award for Innovation) and the “Premio dei Premi” (Award of Awards).

Phi Drive’s technicians, researchers and engineers give design and consultancy support for the realization of high-precision customized solutions. Fields of interest include aerospace and automation.

Since 2015, Phi Drive has its Operative Office located in Vimercate, sharing Comestero Sistemi S.p.A. facilities, which co-owned Phi Drive at 25%.

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Arquimea Ingeniería S.l.u is a multinational company founded in 2005, with Headquarters in Madrid (Spain) and a sister company (ARQUIMEA DEUTSCHLAND) in Frankfurt (Germany). Arquimea develops electronic, microelectronic and electro-mechanic systems and components, including smart actuators and mechanisms, sensing systems, integrated circuits and robotic parts.

Arquimea’s products and technologies are suitable for those markets and sectors demanding innovation, quality, high performance and reliability, such as Aerospace, Defence & Security, Industry, Automotive, Medical or Agro industry.  Thanks to its bet on R&D, a product-oriented strategy, market diversification and internationalization policy, Arquimea has achieved a great sustainable growth since the very beginning of its activity. The success of Arquimea resides in its highly skilled and motivated professionals, capable of providing solutions where other companies cannot reach.

Their team always works with the most innovative technologies and processes towards customer success. Arquimea’s activity is especially devoted to the Aerospace sector and nowadays the company plays an important role in the European Space Industry, where they have successfully collaborated with the main players. As European fabless company, all the Space products made by Arquimea are ITAR free (i.e. not subject to the International Traffic In Arms Regulations). The background and technologies acquired in such a challenging field like Space are transferred to other markets and sectors in the form of new innovative products and services.

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