The H2020 European project has come to an end

This last period has been very dense for the Pre2Pos partners, Phi Drive and Arquimea. All deliverables have been submitted and the H2020 European project has come to an end. It also marks the end of all work packages.

During this last period the team worked on suitable driving electronics, and Arquimea completed the design of the gimbal, giving a purpose to Phi Drive motor AG-LT and empowering it with sensors and additional protections from the hostile space environment.


Three years of hard work

PRE2POS was a European H2020 project focused on the industrialisation and commercialisation of rotary actuators by using piezoelectric stacks to achieve infinite rotary or linear motion. The final goal was to include these rotary actuators inside mechanisms used in spacecrafts, where high precision, low weight, energy efficiency and low manufacturing costs are very important.


The main advantages of the proposed technology were:

  • Extremely high resolution;
  • High torque/mass ratio;
  • No need for mechanical brakes;
  • Absence of gears;
  • No backlash motion;
  • Completely oil/lubricant-free.

The primal target applications of this technology are Solar Array Drive Mechanisms or Antenna Pointing Mechanisms. It can also be used in secondary markets as automation, metrology, military or optics.

Thanks to this project Phi Drive pursues the research and development of mechanisms for space applications.