First six month with PRE2POS

PRE2POS has eventually reached the end of its first semester, and our team is pleasingly impressed by the results hitherto accomplished.

Since Phi Drive and Arquimea began their collaboration in October 2016, the project accomplished remarkable results in the design of AG-HT drive. Its concept was first introduced by Nicola Cau and Paolo Bonfiglio, Phi Drive cofounders, and astound the EU H2020 funding program for its innovativeness and its board vision on the space actuators market for the incoming years. Thanks to Arquimea and its field experience on space engineering, this vision has been made possible, and the day when our actuator will be ready is approaching fast.

The first experimental campaign on the AG-HT prototype has shown that our piezoelectric drive has reached the FEA predicted momentum and rotational speed, validating our design instruments, and thus matched our initial goals in terms of perfomances.

The analysis of the results has shown us that there is room for further improvements, and a new model with minimal, focused adjustments is already at the end of the design stage.

In the meantime, our research team has not sat idle, and is closing to the perfect choice of space-compatible materials for our final product.

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