Arquimea and Phi Drive will soon meet to discuss the current development of Pre2Pos Project

As we are nearing the end of the first year of Pre2Pos project, Arquimea will soon pay Phi Drive a visit in their office in Vimercate, in order to discuss the technological achievements accomplished so far.

The goal of Pre2Pos Project is the commercialization of a rotary actuator for space applications, based on a Phi Drive patented principle, which gave birth to AG-HT drive. Arquimea experience in the field of space actuators will be fundamental in the final implementation of the mechanism.

The ever ongoing strife of innovation has lead Phi Drive technicians to explore multiple solution to achieve success for Pre2Pos, and AG-LT drive, based on the ULTM piezo technology, has soon sided AG-HT. The two motors are very different in terms of mechanism and performance, allowing the coverage of a series of applications much wider the original one.

The EU Project Officer will be present in the next meeting too, to personally witness the achievements made possible by H2020 SME Instrument funding program promoted by the European Commission.