AG-HT ends on the pages of Mikroproduktion

Phi Drive work on the innovative AG-HT engine, recently presented to the public at the Actuator 18 conference, ended up in Mikroproduktion, one of the German leading magazine for the world of industry and automation.


This new article was written by Gerhard Vogel, who has been collaborating with the organizers of Actuator 18 for years. Phi Drive’s paper was selected among the many presented at the conference for the innovation of the mechanical principle and for the quality of the achieved results, and Mikroproduktion has anticipated some contents before the conference, with the aim of intriguing the future public.


The title chosen by Vogel recites “Piezomotr weckt Wankel-Assozitionen“, and recalls the similarity between the form of AG-HT and that of the well-known Wankel engine. Beyond the curious association, the article is very effective in presenting the strengths of the mechanical principle devised by Phi Drive, among which stand out:

  • Angular precision;
  • High torque;
  • Energy efficient;
  • High specific performances;
  • Absence of lubricants and gears;
  • Vacuum and Radiation resistance.